Justin Bieber Reveals In Intervention: I Want To ‘Take A Break From Music’

Published January 29, 2014 by belieber0301

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When Justin’s loved ones flew to Panama over the weekend, reportedly to stage an intervention for the troubled young pop star, he allegedly confessed to his manager, Scooter Braun, that he wants to ‘take a break from music.’ And you won’t believe what the Biebs reportedly wants to do instead!

Justin Bieber tried his best to escape his troubles by fleeing to Panama after his shocking DUI arrest in Miami on Jan. 23, but his friends and family weren’t about to let him off the hook that easy. Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, manager Scooter Braun and close friend Usher followed him to Panama, reportedly to have a much-needed sit-down with the singer. Unfortunately Justin still doesn’t seem to think he has a problem, allegedly saying that he simply needs a break from making music and touring. So what will he be doing with all his free time? He wants…

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Justin Bieber: His Shocking Reaction To Haters Who Want Him Deported

Published January 29, 2014 by belieber0301

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The pop star knows that celebrities are talking about him on Twitter and expressing their wish for him to be sent back to Canada. HollywoodLife.com has spoken to a source who reveals exactly how he feels about the haters.

Justin Bieber has a special message for everyone who wants him deported! Ever since his Jan. 23, DUI arrest, there’s been a massive backlash at the Biebs and celebrities and individuals are calling for him to be sent back to his native Canada.

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Justin Bieber Leaves Panama & Returns To LA With Scooter Braun

Published January 29, 2014 by belieber0301

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Party’s over — or at least we hope it is! Justin Bieber reportedly left Panama on a plane back to Los Angeles with his manager, Scooter Braun, on Jan. 28. Is the troubled young pop star finally going to try to get his life back on track?

After his shocking DUI arrest in Miami on Jan. 23 and subsequent getaway to Panama, Justin Bieber is finally going home — hopefully to regain some sense of normalcy in his life. The Believe singer was photographed at Panama International Airport with his entourage before boarding an LA-bound plane with manager Scooter Braun, according to a new report.

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Published January 23, 2014 by belieber0301

1390494287000-bieber1Last january 23 Justin bieber was arrested due to an expired license, over speeding, and drugs. he stayed in prison for one night. seeing him in prison and just seeing and imaging his situation just made me cry to be honest i cried for almost a week because of all the judgement and hate people say about him. And it is said that the 3 police who arrested bieber were suspended due to wrong accusations, it is said that justin bieber was not over speeding and he was not drunk and he was not on drugs when they arrested him due to the results. People will do anything and everything just to destroy him and he is just a human being so people should really back off.


Published January 15, 2014 by belieber0301


Love? Relationships? boyfriend? they make me vomit why? call me bitter but i have loved to much people in my life and all the time i get hurt i get rejected i get left alone, i get hurt and just waste my tears. They say that its part of life well i say thats how unfair life can be at times. I always tell my friends and other people be strong, hold tight, expect the unexpected but why cant i apply it in my life? as i always tell myself “loving him is not easy but i will try my best to Hold on tight” but the longer i hold on tight the more i get hurt and the more my heart bleeds. While im crying and wasting my tears there he is being happy being insensitive and not even carrying. But what can i do? i just get up my feet and be strong each day and i try my best to move on . But why is it not working? the pain is still there the love is still there its like im walking on broken glass. But im, just hoping that the day will come that i find a person who will truly love me and accept me for who i am and who will fight for me and be proud that his with me. But for now i will stick with the saying “NO LOVE NO PAIN!!”

Justin Bieber Releases ‘All That Matters’ Music Video — Watch

Published January 13, 2014 by belieber0301

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Watch Justin’s latest music video, then weigh in with your review.

Justin Bieber has been teasing his hot new music video for weeks, and on Dec. 2, he finally released “All That Matters” to the hungry masses. The video finds the Biebs in several racy positions with model Cailin Russo, and it just might be his hottest offering yet.

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Justin Bieber “JOURNALS”

Published January 13, 2014 by belieber0301

justin-bieber-journals-album-coverJustin Bieber has just completed his new set of songs for his upcoming album which is entitled as “Journals”, it is said that all the songs that Justin has written in that album are all for Selena Gomez. But for me as a belieber it doesn’t matter what matters the most is that the songs are truly from his heart and it is like he is letting the whole world read his journal. I can Say that this will be the album of the year not because im a belieber. but because when you listen to the songs in this album you will really feel that it was written from the heart.  Music is all about pouring your heart out and letting others feel what you feel and that is what Justin does he never writes music for the sake just to write music he writes music because his songs defines what he really feels and he is not scared to let the whole world know. and in this album you will truly understand what Justin really feels. and here are the songs for this album.

1.  Heartbreaker-

The album that has the most personal songs to JB — he kicks things off with talking about his break up with Selena Gomez. *This will be a recurring theme throughout.

Selena herself even responded saying:

I think it’s beautiful music. Especially since he is super talented, able to use it and interpret feelings through music. It’s what you do to grow as an artist, that’s what I did and what many people do. It’s sweet.

2. All That Matters-

Going from calling Selena a heartbreaker, to saying she’s all that matters to him. Sel changed her mind from thinking these jams were “sweet” to throwing some serious instagram shade with this selfie:
3. Hold Tightwith the caption I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… — clearly directed towards the white model featured in the vid.
4. Recovery-

According to JB himself, this is one of the most important songs he’s written. He’s just tryna salvage things, so he finally takes some of the blame for his failed relationship.

5. Bad Day-

JB breaks out his Timberlake-inspired falsettos to talk about the day his girl dumped him. The song has interplotations of the Isley BrothersFootsteps In The Dark, which was famously sampled on Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day.

6. All Bad-

Trying even harder to repair his broken relationship — he’s out here saying he just wants to be everything to his girl, and he’s not even that bad. Who knows if that’s true, but this song is definitely not all bad.

7. PYD feat R. Kelly-

Justin Bieber nods to MJ but he’s trying to take the pretty young things to his southern region, he’s trying to

Put You Down.

With R. Kelly’s help obviously, because if anyone can persuade a PYT to let JB PYD — it’s him.

8. Roller Coaster-

JB throws down the funk while going through the ups and downs of his relationship. He even sneaks in some references to old Selena Gomez songs while he does it.

9. Change Me-

Justin has been on a whirlwind of bad behavior lately, but hopefully the right girl can change him. JB himself has said this is one of the most personal songs he’s ever released.
10. Confident feat Chance the Rapper-

The song that made tons of Rap Genius users take another chance on the Biebs — Chance the Rapper partners up with JB to explain the most attractive quality in a woman.
11. Memphis feat Diplo and Big Sean-

JB brings back Big Sean for another collab. Is this Justin pulling a Drake and repping a city he’s not from? Or is Justin enlisting Diplo to try to get Selena to start twerking for him again?
12. One Life-

Taking us back to his first ever single- JB might be Dead Poet Society-ing all of us via Carpe Diem, because you only got one love, one heart, one life for sure — and Justin is going to tell you again.
13. What’s Hatnin’ feat Future-

The much anticipated product of this
14. Backpack feat Lil Wayne-

Justin takes a break from Drake and Nicki Minaj so he can move up the Young Money ladder.
15. Swap it Out-


I just hope people appreciate Justin and his music and they will learn to respect him.

P.S. Please Buy Journals Now Out on Itunes .. :*